BarCampLA 7 Presentation: ‘URLs are the new cookies’


I just finished my presentation at BarCampLA 7 called ‘URLs are the new cookies’ (name credit: Alistair Croll). I talked a little bit about, but the point was more to discuss the problem statement is trying to solve.

See for yourself:

And here’s a link to the PDF version. Thanks to everyone who attended for being a great crowd and having some really insightful questions.

P.S. This is my second time presenting at BarCampLA. The last time was at BarCampLA 1 in 2006 :-)

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5 Responses to BarCampLA 7 Presentation: ‘URLs are the new cookies’

  1. Chris Zimdars says:

    That’s awesome

  2. Mark Perera says:

    Thanks for sharing the slides. It amazing how the short url has grown in use and function.

    We currently use a mix of campaigns of Google Analytics and Tinyurl to do what can do.

    Looking forward to trying out, just waiting for the invite code Hint, Hint.

  3. peter bordes says:

    very insightful and relevant post to the project we are working on for Internet Media Labs… thank you for helping confirm that links are the key to relevance in the real-time web 3.0 world

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