Google launches Google+. Now what?


Google Plus

This morning, Google launched Google+, a new social network. This announcement brings a lot to digest and understand, and a lot is still to be revealed. At the moment, the project is still available only to a select group of invitees, and it is in “field trial”, with new features still to come and major tweaks to its current features possible. (Check out TechCrunch’s first impressions, and some screenshots on Mashable.)

What we already know is that it provides a powerful and potentially huge new channel for users and social media marketers to share, discover and distribute content. This makes it more important than ever for marketers to to understand how social media works.

What’s being shared? Who’s sharing it? What value is generated by the traffic that sharing attracts?

Does a share on Twitter bring more clicks than on Facebook? Which channel generates more re-shares, more conversions? Do I need different messaging when I push content to each channel? Is my time and energy better spent building up my network on this new service, or maintaining engagement on my existing ones?

These are the questions is built to answer. We provide marketers and content publishers a unified view of performance: real performance, measured in sales and page views, not just likes and mentions. And we do it across all social networks: the ones you know, and the new ones still being invented.

As the social space fragments, you need a unified view to compare apples to apples. If you’re wondering how we can help you, drop us a line, then pop some popcorn: no matter the outcome of Google+, this summer will be interesting to watch.

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