Announcing Faster Share Buttons and CORS Support

Jeremiah Lee Cohick

The Facebook Like and Twitter Tweet buttons can now be added to your website without slowing it down. Our new asynchronous loading method decreases the perceived load time of your website by adding the sharing buttons after the browser’s initial rendering of a page. We recommend this new method to all users of our sharing buttons. Review the documentation for updated examples of how to take advantage of this feature.

We’re also excited to announce support for the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing mechanism on the Create and Stats APIs. This emerging W3 specification allows XMLHttpRequests across domains. It has significant advantages over JSON-P, such as POST method support and error handling. More than 85% of internet users can take advantage of CORS today according to current browser usage. For Flash developers, we’ve added a crossdomain.xml policy file for similar functionality.

More details are available in our API changelog, and subscribe to our developer Google Group to get future API updates in your inbox. Your feedback is responsible for these improvements, so please keep it coming.

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